Trending now: Leather all-over!

Trending now: Leather all-over!

Leather will be the trend material this fall and you can see it everywhere right now! Anyone who follows me has already seen me in the one or the other leather piece. How to wear it in a stylish way, I’ll show you today!

Leather is one of the classic basic materials that has been around for a very long time in fashion. Of course, it is not indispensable in the colder season and in 2019 the trend material undergoes a reinterpretation. On display are not only classic items such as leather jacket, blazer and skirts but also oversized leather shirts, modern cut suits in full leather look and especially bermuda shorts and leather coats. When it comes to colors, there are no limits, but in autumn, muted shades such as brown and burgundy will prevail.

For me personally leather offers the opportunity to dress simple and stylish. I didn’t share this opinion about leather years ago. For a long time leather had rather a wicked and hard touch for me. Dressed, I felt mostly like a member of a biker gang, which did not suit me. I did not develop a new perspective until I learned to shop more consciously and thoughtfully. Living more consciously in terms of sustainability and consumer behavior also means investing. Quality has its price most of the time, which I now appreciate more and I am willing to pay. My wardrobe is currently more and more oriented back to high-quality basic pieces, which I can interpret and style again and again. Besides, it does not always have to be genuine leather. Meanwhile, there are also good imitation leather pieces. For example, I have seen many must-haves at ORSAY. There is also a great leather dress in trendy brown shades which will upgrade your wardrobe for fall. I really like the complete leather look in the form of a dress, which I can then combine both chic and casual with sneakers. Below you can see my current favorite look in leather or imitation leather. Leather will be my constant companion for the coming autumn as well.

xx Ena

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