New year, new resolutions! Like every year, everyone deals with his intentions and uses the unwritten book to define personal goals. For 2018, I have set a different strategy to get closer to my goals again. In today’s post I would like to explain to you why it is better to define your fears instead of your goals.

“This time I really do it and make it happen!” – How many times have we already said this sentence at the beginning of a new year and stuck to our intentions? However, sometimes we live more in an imagination than in reality. The intentions quickly fall into oblivion and the list of justifications gets longer and longer. In order to achieve your goals it is sometimes necessary to leave your own comfort zone and work harder than ever before. For me, that means very specifically that I want to work on my biggest fears, because  often exactly these things prevent me from risking the next step. I don’t want to be the one who later wonders why I didn’t just risk something. That’s why I have just one resolution for 2018: working on my fears. And I have some tips for you on how to deal with your fears to reach your goals in the end.

Define your fears!

What are you worried about? Fear to fail or fear not to live up to your own claims? By defining your fears, you can already encounter a first positive aha experience. For example, the fear of failure is not necessarily caused by your own ability, but can also be a fear of failure in the eyes of others. It took me a long time to understand that I have to free myself from the need to do justice to others. The only one you owe is you. So I made a list of things that scare me if I take that step or when I don’t risk it.

How can you prevent your fears?

Now that you have become aware of your fears, you can think about solutions. How can you prevent your fears or, in the worst case, what would happen if your fears come true? Can you also gradually reduce it? The goal is to control your fears so that they do not get in the way of your goals. In addition to every fear on my list, I write down a solution to avoid it.

Benefit of partial successes

Reaching goals is not always easy and often requires hard work and perseverance. I admit, I am not always the most patient person at all. I would like to have everything always the same and immediately. The reality is often different and it is particularly difficult to maintain your own motivation. Defining high goals is good and should be your biggest incentive, but small partial successes keeps your motivation and discipline up. Make sure to celebrate the small achievements on your way to the big goal.

Where do you see yourself if you do not change anything?

In my opinion one of the most important questions and my biggest motivation to be active and productive every day. When I think about my goals, I automatically imagine what would happen if I did not reach them. Where would I stand then? Would I still be happy and satisfied? Could I still achieve other, comparable goals? When I realize that an alternative is out of question, I realize that inactivity is no longer an option. Successes do not come by themselves but require you to risk something. With this awareness, I am more willing to risk something and no longer be afraid of the next step.

I am curious how you will like this kind of New Year’s resolution and I am looking forward to your feedback. Finally, a few words about my outfit that I have worn on New Year’s Eve. Shortly before the turn of the year, I entered into a long-term cooperation with & other Stories and I am more than happy about this collaboration. I immediately took the chance and picked the shimmering dress for New Year’s Eve and combined it casually with boots and fake fur coat. How do you like it? xx Verena

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    • Verena
      18. February 2018 / 23:07

      Danke liebe Melanie!

  1. 31. January 2018 / 20:14

    Sehr interessanter Post und ein in meinen Augen guter Ansatz. Auch der Look ist der Hammer =)

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Verena
      18. February 2018 / 23:06

      das freut mich, dass der Beitrag dir gefällt <3

  2. 7. February 2018 / 21:11

    Klasse Blog! Du hast echt einen super Geschmack, was Trends anbetrifft und deine Bilder sind toll und konsistent. Habe eben auch dein Instagram gecheckt und es sieht echt super aus! Vielleicht hast du mal lust mal bei mir vorbeizuschauen und wenn du Interesse hast, können wir uns ja mal “connecten”, z.B. Instagram oder so, um uns zu supporten! Also nur wenn, dir mein Blog auch zusagt! 😉
    Liebe Grüße, Lynn

    • Verena
      18. February 2018 / 23:05

      wow, vielen herzlichen Dank für deine lieben Worte! Das freut mich ungemein zu hören und spornt mich weiter an!

    • Verena
      18. February 2018 / 23:04

      Thank you girl!

    • Verena
      18. February 2018 / 23:04

      vielen lieben Dank liebe Anna 🙂

  3. 19. February 2018 / 12:45

    Das ist ja ein super interessanter Ansatz. Ich denke, das werde ich auch mal versuchen. Danke für den Tipp und super schönes Outfit übrigens.

    Eve von

    • Verena
      20. February 2018 / 0:43

      vielen lieben Dank Eve! Freut mich sehr zu hören, dass dir mein Ansatz gefällt 🙂

  4. 12. May 2019 / 19:07

    Hallo Verena, wow – dieser Beitrag geht wirklich an den Kern.
    Ich kenne dies auch, dass bereits beim Erkennen der Ängste wie ein Aha-Effekt entsteht und dies einiges ändern kann! Schließlich sind wir uns zu 99% gar nicht wirklich bewusst, wovor wir Angst haben, in einer bestimmten Situation. Ich habe auch schon oft erlebt, dass ich oberflächlich an etwas ganz anderes gedahct hatte, was dann aber gar nicht die eigentliche Angst ist… Angst vor Erfolg ist auch manchmal ein Faktor, der uns hemmt…
    Dein Satz: “Wenn ich mir bewusst mache, dass eine Alternative nicht in Frage kommt, wird mir klar, dass Inaktivität keine Option mehr ist.” trifft genua das, was ich ebenfalls für mich erkannt und gefunden habe. Es ist meine Strategie, mich wirklich auf das Wesentliche zu konzentrieren, und es bringt mir wahnsinnig viel Motivation. Wenn du weißt, du hast keine Wahl, dann musst du durch, einfach immer weiter. :-)) Alles Liebe!

    • Verena
      24. May 2019 / 13:58

      Vielen Dank Andreas!

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