My love for fashion has been changing over and over again in recent years. Influenced by my personal experiences, by many trips, various fashion weeks and the increasing awareness of sustainability, my focus is now more on the essentials.

Aesthetic simplicity with ro bags

Business Looks mit Maxim Faro

Die schönsten Mini bags für dein Frühlingsoutfit

Ehrlich gesagt ist der Winter nicht meine liebste Jahreszeit – zu nass, zu kalt, zu grau! Und auch Kleidungstechnisch stellt er sich für mich jedes Jahr aufs Neue als große Herausforderung dar. Wie kombiniere ich einen stylischen aber besonders auch warmen Winterlook? Eine Frage, deren Beantwortung ich mich heute widme und dabei den Fokus auf das richtige Schuhwerk lege.

Klassische Winterschuhe für urbane Street style Looks – Sorel Footwear

Go with the trend and always be up-to-date or invest in classics? I've been asking myself this question more and more frequently lately, as I always try to shop consciously. Less is sometimes more, quality instead of quantity and preferably a bag that accompanies me for life. Fashion became my hobby or job, yet I do not follow trends blindly. Last but not least, as a student, I would like to turn out the best deal for me. That's why I wrote a few tips for you on how and where you can get the best designer pieces for a great price!

3 Tips for a good designer second hand purchase