A new chapter begins – Life update

The end of a chapter is only the beginning of the next one. The first big change for 2018 is already done  and this year awaits a lot more changes for me. Actually, I often look skeptically at changes, but even less I like the standstill in my life. With a crying and laughing eye, I am looking forward to my next chapter. Today’s post is a little life update from me.

At the beginning of April I wrote my 2nd state exam in medicine and my studies are coming to an end.  It took me long way to here and despite small detours, the pulling away from my homebase Cologne, to Marburg, long-distance relationship and smaller setbacks, it was just a great time with many beautiful memories and encounters. Moreover, it still feels crazy and unreal that this time is almost over. Maybe some of you noticed that it was a little quieter both on the blog and on Instagram. I received some very  kind messages, if I’m okay and I’m going to continue blogging at all. Thank you guys, so much attention from my readers/followers is really nice to know and more than happy that this community is growing and growing! But yeah, I’m definitely going on with this blogging thing and from now on I will post regularly and with the usual passion! After the exams, I deliberately took time to process everything. Many of my friends have already moved from Marburg and of course I wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. Nothing is more valuable than creating memories, so we celebrated, laughed a lot and did all the things we haven’t done while learning.

Let’s start a new chapter…

The joy of the passed exams is still huge, but at the same time I feel the fear growing in me. Since I can remember, I did not like big changes. When I feel comfortable in a place and having my dearest people around me, everything could stay as it is and I feel happy. At the same time I strive for so much more and always willing to work on myself and my goals. But I have to get out of my comfort zone and risk something. Do not stand still! Luckily, Philip and I are thinking very much alike and maybe this has always been our secret recipe to successfully master the long-distance relationship all these years. We focus on the big picture that we work out in small, sometimes larger steps. During all this years, challenging tasks and changes I couldn’t have ask for a better partner than Philip. Without him I would not have been where I am now.

After 6 years of being a student, a more serious section will start next week. I will stay in Marburg until September for the first part of the practical year before going to Switzerland for 4 months. Then I will work in Bonn until my third state exams and what comes after, is still unwritten. No plans yet! :). In between, we getting married, so an exciting time is ahead! I am looking forward to new challenges and tasks awaiting me in this chapter of my life. I will gladly update you regularly and hope you continue to accompany during this journey! Love, Verena

By the way, I am wearing a complete H&M look out of the studio collection.

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  1. 18. May 2018 / 4:33

    Wow, da ist ja eine Menge los bei dir! Die Schweiz hört sich sehr interessant an.

    Deine Sockboots sehen ja toll aus und solche Sunnies stehen auch auf meiner Shoppingliste :-*

    Melanie / http://www.goldzeitblog.de

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