A look for every occasion: Suits & Sneakers

Wer aktuell wie ich noch keine Lust auf Boots und Stiefel hat, wird bei dem aktuellen herbstlichen Wetter vor eine Herausforderung gestellt. Ich greife tatsächlich dann am liebsten zu schlichten weißen Sneaker. Gleich mehrere Modelle haben mein Herz erobert, aber ein Paar bleibt mein liebster Favorit.

Sneaker Addiction: Adidas Stan Smith

Leather will be the trend material this fall and you can see it everywhere right now! Anyone who follows me has already seen me in the one or the other leather piece. How to wear it in a stylish way, I’ll show you today!

Trending now: Leather all-over!

My love for fashion has been changing over and over again in recent years. Influenced by my personal experiences, by many trips, various fashion weeks and the increasing awareness of sustainability, my focus is now more on the essentials.

Aesthetic simplicity with ro bags