Aesthetic simplicity with ro bags

My love for fashion has been changing over and over again in recent years. Influenced by my personal experiences, by many trips, various fashion weeks and the increasing awareness of sustainability, my focus is now more on the essentials. I do not need every trend piece, but I try to choose more consciously, which fits my personal style. In doing so, I increasingly question the philosophy of a brand, even more, sometimes even the entire fashion industry. Today I appreciate more than ever what is behind a design and with what dedication handcrafted parts are produced. The simpler and higher the quality, the better. Away from too much fast fashion and transience.

Quality instead of quantity

Ro bags really hits this nerve of the time. The label was founded in 1999 in New York with the idea to create timeless and functional styles made of high quality leather and handmade material. The focus is particularly on handbags, which should underline the personality and everyones own style with their simple design. Inspired by the industry and with playful thoughts, the Milk bag was created for the last collection. It has convinced me in particular with its simple functionality like the magnetic closure and the adjustable strap. Even without exciting applications, I am nevertheless enthusiastic about a small handbag with aesthetic architecture. So I became a milkmaid. I have combined the champagne colored bag to a clean look and she is currently a faithful companion. Just as big to pack the essentials, it is for me, for example, a stylish alternative to the portable phone cases. The ARPEGGIO crossbody bag is different, interesting and not intrusive. That’s exactly what I love about accessories – they should underline the red thread in a look and make a statement. With my present outfit, I would like to draw attention to the simplicity and awareness of new brands.

In cooperation with Ro bags