3 Tips for a good designer second hand purchase



Go with the trend and always be up-to-date or invest in classics? I’ve been asking myself this question more and more frequently lately, as I always try to shop consciously. Less is sometimes more, quality instead of quantity and preferably a bag that accompanies me for life. Fashion became my hobby or job, yet I do not follow trends blindly. Last but not least, as a student, I would like to turn out the best deal for me. I wrote a few tips for you on how and where you can get the best designer pieces for a great price!

#1 Vintage Designer online shops and outlets

At the following shops you can buy designer pieces, vintage pieces or current trends: Videdressing, Vestiaire Collective, Designer Vintage and Rebelle. My personal experience with Vestiaire Collective was quite good. The designer pieces are checked for quality and authenticity, plus a good communication and organization of the shipping. I was lucky and the seller was reliable and quickly sent my purchased bag to VC. The seller will otherwise be reminded several times and if the goods are not sent, of course, you will get your money back. Incidentally, you can see my new baby here. I have created a wish list there as well as a sale alert with the hope that the objects of my desire will soon be affordable for me.

# 2 Designer items auctioned in the auction house or buy directly

How about if you buy your designer dream by auction? For me that sounds like a lot of fun and a great bargain can be there with a bit of luck. The auction house Eppli in Stuttgart is known for a great selection of designer bags, clothes, jewelery and many vintage pieces! The small Dior bag was also there to bid. In addition to current bags and many vintage pieces, Eppli also has a large selection of jewelry and individual pieces, which can also be directly purchased. I keep looking for some special Cartier jewelery. The waiting and hoping for the ONE special piece of what my heart desires so much, is quite exciting and fun. Should it be there one day, all the waiting was worth it and I will be more than happy for sure!

#3 Shopping designer pieces of last season

Last season’s trends do not necessarily have to be out in the next year. Especially if it’s designer items that I’m sure I’ll wear for a long time, I’ll gladly buy them one season later, but for a great price on sale. I make sure that the fits are timeless and usually simple. Moreover, you can find last season pieces in sale in most online shops but also offline, for example at TK Maxx or local second hand stores.

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