2 Easy to re-style summer looks with statement-shoes

In cooperation with Aldo shoes via Zalando

I think I speak for many girls among us when I say that we feel a certain love for shoes. We would love to have a pair of shoes for every occasion. Honestly, I can not get enough of shoes because they are often essential for me to complete an outfit. Some statement-shoes may not be missing in my collection, especially high heels. They can be the key piece of a style and enhance a simple look. Exactly 2 of these styling ideas I am going to show you today. I deliberately chose 2 very different but also eye-catching shoes to style my first summer looks for this year.

Silver high heels with statement skirt.

Clearly the focus is on the strikingly colorful skirt, whose asymmetrical cut I think is just super. The pattern and the bright colors are eye-catching enough, so I chose a discreet top and a simple bag. For this summer chic look I combined silver colored high heels with rhinestones. They underline the style without attracting the attention too much.

Flower power high heels with Jeans.

The second look is particularly characterized by the shoes. The focus is on the orange-red high heels with a striking floral print. So that the shoes remain THE eye-catcher of the outfit, I have styled rather simple clothes: an asymmetric top and a light blue Jeans. As with all my looks, I think in advance what should be the focus and the rest is styled around it. Overall, the look is then consistent and not overloaded by too many different colors or patterns.

Which one of my summer looks is your favorite? And what do you think about the statement-shoes?

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